Sharehouse Market

The Sharehouse Market is where everyone can access fair and sustainable food. We’ve made a few changes to hwo this works during the pandemic.

How does it work?

We allow anyone who visits our market to pick up two shops. This allows for anyone to pick up food for themselves and one other person who can’t collect themselves. A shop is either a box of pre-selected food items, or a selection of 4 meals. Meals will be able to cater for dietary requirements. In order for us to feed many people safely and swiftly you cannot customise your shop.

Market shop options

Who can come?

We welcome anybody to come and pick up food from our market. You don’t need ID, a referral or to meet any criteria.

What does it cost?

Each shop costs £1 plus a donation. The donation is completely up to you. We ask that you consider what you can afford. If you are generous it means we can support other people who may not be in a position to afford quite as much. We accept cash and card payments.