Prepared meals (subscription)

From: £1.00 / week

Collect meals weekly from any of our hubs or partner hubs. We constantly switch up our recipes, so you can choose from a selection of tasty meals every time you collect. All contributions help us bring sustainable food to communities across Sheffield.

Please note: In order for us to keep providing meals at minimal cost, we are limiting bulk orders from our website. If you wish to purchase more than 30 meals, please contact us at:

Here’s our quick guide to ordering meals:

1. Select your preferred collection hub and day
2. Choose how much you would like to contribute PER MEAL (minimum £1)
3. Select the type and amount of meals per week, and click Add to Basket
4. To add multiple meal types, click “continue shopping”, else proceed to checkout


Please select a meal type below. Vegetarian and vegan meals are suitable for halal diets. Low allergen meals do not use any of the 14 recognized allergens as ingredients, but may contain traces of allergens.

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