Food Works helps organisations and individuals to find a responsible destination for surplus food.

Redistribution helps avoid environmental damage from wasting food, it creates social impact and reduces the cost of disposal. We work with the following sources of food:

  • We provide regular ongoing collections, up to 7 days a week, for any businesses with recurring surpluses, such as food producers, wholesalers or retailers.
  • We offer a free drop-off for organisations which have an incidental food surplus. Collections are available depending on the location, nature and volume of surplus.
  • We accept surplus dropped off by individuals, as long as the packaging is closed and unused.

For more enquiries about collections or deliveries, please contact the Sharehouse on or 07542 379 246.

Where our food goes:

The food we collect is used in a mix of activities designed to minimise waste and maximise impact. It is important that food is valued, and so we do not offer food for free.

However, where accessibility is important, we offer flexible ways to value food, such as the use of ‘Pay As You Feel’. Any income generated from food is used exclusively to sustain our activities and we do not make a profit.

Individuals and organisations can access the food we work with via:

Currently we do not offer access to surplus ingredients for organisations or groups outside of the social impact partnerships mentioned above.