Opening Times

Tuesday          11:00 – 12:30

Buzz is based at St Andrew’s URC, located in Broomhall, Sheffield on Upper Hanover Street.

It faces Upper Hanover Street about 100 metres away from the Supertram’s University of Sheffield stop.  

Parking is available in the car park at the corner of Broomspring Lane and Upper Hanover Street, entrance is on Broomspring Lane. Limited on-street parking is possible near the church.

There are blue railings surrounding the church.  You will see the Buzz logo on the board outside. Walk in the main gate, you will see the main church doors in front of you, turn right at those doors and follow the path round to the left where you will see a double door.  Press the buzzer and we will come and meet you!

(There is a video on our website and facebook feed that shows the outside of the building and which door to come to)

Buzz has been supporting families in Sheffield for 21 years, starting as an after school club back in 1999. They are now a child contact centre and also continue to support the local community through projects for young people, families and older people.