Food Works

Sheffield in tier 3 restrictions

From Saturday October 24th will be under Tier 3 restrictions to try and halt the spread of COVID-19 in our city. This will once again have a big impact on people’s ability to access food. We are expecting the challenges around accessing food to be more serious this fall and winter.

How we're feeding Sheffield

Over the first lock-down period we prepared more than 10000 meals and 9000 boxes of groceries for the people in Sheffield.

Alongside our Wybourn hub, we will now also have our Sharrow hub open for collections. You can collect surplus boxes from each location for a minimum donation of £1.

We will also be cooking more meals from our new Sharrow kitchen. You can buy these online in advance or over the counter in our hubs for a minimum donation of £1.

To make sure that accessible healthy and sustainable food is accessible everywhere in Sheffield, we will be launching our community hub scheme. This means everyone in Sheffield can have a collection point for healthy meals close to home.

What you can do

Food Works is largely self funding. 75% of our bills are paid by contributions made by individual customers and supporters. You can do this in 2 ways:
  1. Be a generous customer! Our food is provided at very minimal costs so that it is accessible for all. Subscribing to our meals for a more generous donation doesn’t take food away from others, it provides us with the income to do more!
  2. Make a donation. Not everybody has to be a customer. if you just want to make a financial contribution to help us feed our city, then you can easily set this up online.
  3. Join our network of Partner Hubs to help get our meals into your neighbourhood
And of course, please do get in touch if your business has surplus food. We will come and collect it and make sure it goes to a belly, not a bin!