The Food Works Market at Food Works Handsworth is all about sharing food.

Sharing food prevents waste

Every year Food Works recovers hundreds of tonnes of unused food from businesses and producers. We make sure this food is put to good use, preserving the time and energy that has gone into producing it. This reduces the environmental impact of our food. If you want to know more about redistributing your surplus food through Food Works, please contact

Sharing food means we can take care of each other

We make all the food we receive available to the local community through our box schemes, cafés and our frozen ready meals ‘Just Meals’. By sharing the food we have, we build more resilient communities where everyone can be nourished.

At Food Works Handsworth you can call in for a Market Box 7 days a week. We serve 100+ boxes daily.

A limited number of daily Market Boxes are available at Food Works Sharrow too.

We redistribute surplus food
Making sure we feed bellies, not bins
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