Our partnership program with primary schools consists of a weekly delivery of surplus food and access to our educational program: Food Works.


Partner schools get a weekly delivery of surplus food. We select the very best of our supply to go to our school, focussing on fresh produce. The delivery can be used to supplement school activities such as cooking classes, but their primary purpose is to enable the school to run a weekly market stall. The market stall was inspired by the food market set up by Headteacher Nathan Atkinson at Richmond Hill Primary School in Leeds, in collaboration with the Leeds Junk Food Project and now ReThink Food.

The market stall provides stigma-free access to fresh and healthy food, while also providing a focal point for the school community to connect.


Food Works for primary schools also comes with educational resources and activities that support a variety of curricular topics for a Key Stage 2 group, including PSHE, Science and Design & Technology. The program is built around 6 themes:

  1. Introduction to food waste
  2. Origins: Where does food come from?
  3. Sustainability & The Environment
  4. Nutrition & Wellbeing
  5. Fairness
  6. Enterprise

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