Do you want to help us fight climate change and food insecurity for free? It’s simple: give something up for climate change, and sponsor us with your savings to make a difference on your behalf!

Fixing our planet, and hopefully avoiding more of these 40°C summer heatwaves, is going to require buying less stuff. Climate change can’t just be solved by buying different or better things. The wealthiest 10% of people on this planet buy so much ‘stuff’ that they are  responsible for half of the environmental footprint. That includes most of the people in work in the UK. At the same time the poorest 50% of the planet are responsible for less than 10% of global warming. Most of us buy too many things that we do not really need.

All these abstract figures about big trends on the planet can be overwhelming. How are you every going to help change that? Well, you can and it is easy and free. Here’s how:

In the same way that you might give up something for lent, we would like to encourage everyone to give up something for climate change. You will immediately make a difference by reducing your overall consumption. And you could use the money you save to make an even bigger impact.

Keep our children fed over the holidays

This summer, we will be using any funds raised in this way to help feed school children for free during the holidays.

This offer will run from July 25th 2022 until August 30th 2022.

Sharrow Cafe Menu
Our Sharrow Kitchen team getting ready for lunch service

So, why not sponsor us to make a difference on your behalf. For every £10 you contribute we can produce a weeks worth of hot meals for a child. Meals are made with surplus food, saving tonnes of carbon from going into our environment. They also contain locally produced vegetables from our Manor farm plot or one of the many community growers supporting our work in the city.

If you don’t feel you are in a position to give up a purchase to support our work, you can always contribute some of your time and join our team of volunteers. Together we can be the change that is needed.