We’re delighted to let you know that we are moving away from single use plastics.

Every meal will soon be delivered in a fully biodegradable container!

We’ve chosen these containers because they:

  1. Align with our values as an environmental and sustainability focused organisation
  2. Are leak proof, freezable, microwave and oven proof up to 150 deg / Gas mark 2
  3. Break down in landfill and can be composted at home or in food waste collections
  4. Are made from agricultural crop waste e.g. tomato vines and sweetcorn stalks meaning we’re up-cycling even more surplus from the food system!

The single use plastics were the right solution for us during the Covid-19 response but we know it doesn’t sit right with our customers and team to continue using them. After a lot of searching we think we’ve cracked it with a great alternative.

The tubs are more expensive for us to buy, but we aren’t raising the base cost of meals.

We hope that our community sees the extra value and is able to offer a little more in donations over the base price, whilst we keep the meals affordable for those that need it.

Remember – there’s enough food produced in the world to feed us all. Our meals are for everyone and you are helping if you order, not taking away from someone else.

We’ve also updated the labels to meet the new laws from 01 October to include full ingredient listings.

As our meals evolve there will be further updates to come!

Why not try a meal for yourself?

Call in to Food Works Sharrow, Upperthorpe or Handsworth to buy a meal or order online for one-off or regular collections via the webshop.

Thank you for helping build fair and sustainable food for Sheffield.

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