As part of National Allotment Week we spoke to Rosie from Woodseats Allotments in Sheffield to find out how their ‘Grow-a-Row’ scheme started and evolved during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Woodseats Allotments acquired a Community Allotment Plot and it served as a space for Allotment Members to come and share a cuppa. A group started working on it to become a place to use for Open Days and; workshops. Also there was the ambition to showcase different ideas in what to grow and encourage our local community to become more involved with developing their own gardens. 

The Open Days were wonderful. However, when the 1st Lockdown happened, we had already bought all the seeds for growing the veg for the year ahead. So we shared seeds with fellow allotmenteers who had not got any, and young plants with those who had no time to grow any as many were isolating or key workers. Many donated what they could and those funds went to Grace Foodbank, or swapped plants. A great sharing of veg plants happened through that. 

We then had the issue of lots of veg planted on the Community Hub. So we decided to run Pop Up Shops to sell our produce to the public and the proceeds went to local charities who were struggling with funds. Surplus veg was given to Food Works Sheffield. When we didn't have these Pop Up Shops,  all the surplus veg was collected by the Food Works team. As well as produce, we were able to hand over a couple of cheques as well! 

We are a community and the bigger impact had been contact with people who had missed contact with others through this pandemic or who had seen the light in terms of the value of gardens/allotments/fresh food and the need for charity. The reception from our locals has been really positive. We are still running Pop Up Shops this year and will also be sharing our surplus produce with Food Works."

Rosie, Woodseats Allotments
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Rosie · 15 August 2021 at 10:25 pm

Thank you for sharing that.

    Food Works · 17 August 2021 at 2:43 pm

    You’re welcome Rosie!

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