We’d like to say an absolutely MASSIVE thank you to everyone who has supported the Food Works 2021 Grow a Row scheme.

We were able to repurpose over 2.5 TONNES of surplus fruit and vegetables – enough to make 5108 meals!

We had the amazing collective support of 4 fantastic local allotments who set up weekly collections and all together donated 786 kilos of food – enough to make 1572 meals!!

Heeley and Meersbrook Allotments who donated 312 kg (Official Heeley & District Protection Society)

Mickley Lane Allotments who donated 94 kg

Morley St and Walkley Bank Allotments who donated 254 kg

Woodseats Allotments who donated 253 kg! 

We’ve also had incredible support from Regather and The Sheffield Organic Growers who have donated over a TONNE of surplus fruit and veg from their farms in the Moss Valley (1039 kilos! – enough to make 2078 meals!). 

Plus THANK YOU to all the community farms community allotments, volunteer organisations and individual growers who have grown, collected and donated fruit and veg, plants, seeds, equipment and their time to make this year’s Grow a Row scheme a huge success:

Abundance, Archer Lane Allotments, Beighton Allotments, Catherine from Morley St, Darrell at Heeley City Farm, Debi O’Callaghan, Donna Needham, Plot 2 Organic Plot at Hagg Lane allotments, Loxley Valley Community Farm, Lynn Vincent, Green City Action, High Riggs Biodynamic Garden, Hangingwater Allotment Association, Holly Hagg Community Farm, Malaika from Morley St Allotments, Parson Cross Initiative, Rivelin Valley Allotment Society, Sally Goldsmith, Sarah Deakin and everyone who has donated directly to our collection points at Handsworth and Sharrow!

See you next year!

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