It has always been our aim to make sure that everyone in Sheffield can access healthy and sustainable food. With bills rising as much as they are, while for most of us income isn’t keeping up, we have seen the demand for our affordable food increase a lot over the past months. We know it can be particularly challenging for parents to feed their families over the holidays. And because our children are the very last people we want to go hungry, we will be making meals available this half term to make sure that doesn’t happen. This half term, from Saturday the 28th of May until Friday June 3rd, we will feed any child that needs it for free. Any child in our Food Works hubs can choose up to 3 of our Just Meals to take home. If you can’t afford to pay for them, then you can just take them without payment, no questions asked. All our meals are cooked in our kitchens from fresh ingredients, including locally grown produce from our farm and partner growers in Sheffield. They are easy, good for you and good for the environment.  To help us feed people in Sheffield, we do also need your help. Food Works does not rely on government funding to deliver these meals. Funding like this often comes with criteria that we do not support, such as parents proving they are on free school meals to get access. We believe anyone who needs food should be able to access it without stigma, and any criteria we come up with inevitably leave people out who deserve our support. To help us keep every child in Sheffield fed and healthy, here’s what you could do:
  1. Buy our food: If you can afford to pay a bit more in our cafe, our market or when you buy our meals, that helps pay for someone else who can’t.
  2. Volunteer: We can feed thousands of people every week because of the hundreds of volunteers that drive our vans, cook our food, and run our warehouse.
  3. Contribute: If you’re not in a position to come and help or shop with us, you are always welcome to make a contribution online. Every penny we raise goes to making a better food system.
Together we can make sure we take care of our planet, and each other!

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Jane · 28 May 2022 at 8:31 am

Wow!!This is great- thank you so much for thinking of others in these hard times!

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