The Food Works farm is all about growing food together locally.

Locally grown food is more environmentally sustainable.

Growing more of our food locally is the single most important thing we can do to improve our food system. By reducing the need for transportation, storage and artificial ways to preserve food over time, we can dramatically lower the impact our food production has on the environment. We also recycle our own leftovers as compost or animal feed at our growing sites and those of our partners in Sheffield.

Locally grown food provides resilience.

By growing food right on our doorstep, and not relying on global supply chains, we know this food will be available to us when we need it. By growing our food collaboratively with volunteers we can also ensure it is accessible for all.

We are converting unused plots of land into community growing spaces where we can work with local volunteers to produce food for their neighbourhoods and the city.

Learn how to grow your own food and help feed out city!
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We want Sheffield to grow more of it's own food