Opening Times

Tuesday         10:00 – 12:00
Thursday       10:00 – 12:00

Mount Tabor is situated at the bottom of Southey Hill at the junction with Wordsworth Avenue.
There is parking on the driveway (please enter via Southey Hill and exit onto Wordsworth Avenue to ensure a one way flow where possible) please do NOT park on the yellow hatched marking areas, there is also on street parking on Southey Hill.
There are Bus Stops in both directions outside the building the Number 7 & 8 both stop there.

Services Available

PXI began in 2010 as a project funded by the Methodist Church, and working with local church, community groups and others in Parson Cross, Sheffield, in 2017 PXI (Projects) was given charitable status with the registered charity number 1172288. From late 2010 until March this year we ran a local foodbank and other support and inclusion activities including Social Cafe, Music & Art groups, Cooking and Allotment based activities. In 2020 we decided to end our foodbank service and partner with Foodworks to offer a more sustainable food option to the area.
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